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Stand out with food carbon labels and carbon impact statements

See the different ways you can use My Emissions to stand out and communicate your impact below.

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Carbon label your products

The My Emissions carbon label is really simple and easy to understand. You can add this to your packaging or website pages to be transparent about your impact and allow your customers to make more informed choices.

Carbon label your menu

The My Emissions carbon label also works on menus, with companies like Just Eat and the Good Eating Company (part of Sodexo group) also adding carbon labels to their menus. 

Create comparisons and impact statements

My Emissions can compare the impact of two products or meals. With Camile Thai, we even found the difference between two dishes was more than a one-person trip on the Eurostar from London to Paris!

Comply with the Green Claims Code

The CMA introduced the Green Claims Code to regulate environmental claims and ensure they are not misleading. My Emissions can help you ensure what you say complies with the new requirements.

Get started

Start carbon labelling your food today.